Love2shop PAPER Vouchers:   Expired

When purchased, Love2shop PAPER Vouchers are despatched with an expiry of 12 months, or more, therefore we do not exchange expired Love2shop PAPER Vouchers, regardless of the circumstances.

Please note: Expired Love2shop PAPER Vouchers returned to us for exchange will be disposed of.


Love2shop PAPER Vouchers:   Lost or Stolen

We are sorry you have lost, or had stolen, your Love2shop PAPER Vouchers.  As vouchers are treated as cash we are unable to replace these.  We would however recommend in the event of loss or theft you refer to your household insurance policy which may cover you for loss outside the home.


Love2shop PAPER Vouchers:   Damaged

It is possible to exchange damaged Love2shop PAPER Vouchers for a small administration fee providing the vouchers:

1) have not expired  

2) the serial numbers are visible

3) You have both parts of the voucher ie. voucher and counterfoil

Please note:

Damaged vouchers which do not meet the above criteria will be disposed of.
A 10% administration fee will be charged to cover administration, postage and packing. This will be deducted from the total value of the vouchers returned.
To return damaged Love2shop PAPER Vouchers, please click here.